venerdì 14 settembre 2012


01. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Angel Dream (Nail Amond Remix) - Mistique Music
02. Andrew Philippov - The Grid - Mistique Music
03. Anton Make - Sunset (Smokers Area and Guerrero Progressive mix) - Old Sql
04. Kintar & Eric Lh - Naima - Sudam
05. Airwave - Cathedrals of Hope - L*C*D
06. Subtara - Terminal Destruction - Joof
07. Wilson & McLennan - Murk - Future Synth
08. Andrew Philippov feat. Mila Nice - Dreams - Mistique Music
09. Kota - Blue Moment - Purephouria

Mistiquemusic was founded in 2008 by Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic. Main target of the label is to show the world new upcoming talents as well as famous producers, populisation of progressive culture, promotion of perspective projects. Mistiquemusic is the label, where you can expect only high quality tunes. We are focused on Progressive, Breaks, Tech and Ambient styles. We hope that our mystic and athmospheric sounds will bring you love and many positive emotions.


martedì 11 settembre 2012

Matteo Monero September 2012 Beatport Chart


  1. Matteo Monero - Greek Fire (Original Mix) - Mistique Music
  2. Hector Sawiak - Sean of Rains (Original Mix) - Stellar Fountain
  3. Anthony G - Spring Burst (Matteo Monero Remix) - Clinique Recordings
  4. Michael&Levan and Stiven Rivic - Angel Dream (Nail Amond Remix) - Mistique Music
  5. Wilson & McLennan - Murk (Original Mix) - Future Synth
  6. Uvan Nikusev & Robert K - Harmony (Kay-D Remix) - Old Sql
  7. Horizons - Kolkta Sunburst (Original Mix) - Mistique Music
  8. Feri - The curious case of a memorable history (Adam P Remix) - Stellar Fountain
  9. Oliver Petkovski - Pure White (Original Mix) -  Green Snake
  10. Light Breath - Aura (Original Mix) - Liquid Grooves

Matteo Monero - Greek Fire - Mistique Music

Matteo Monero returns to Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic's Mistique Music imprint this week for his 11th overall appearance and a new single. The Italian producer has just come off some incredible remixes for Insomnia FM and Future Synth, the latter of which enjoyed a nice stay in the Beatport Top 100 Progressive House chart. Matteo's newest single for Mistique is entitled 'Greek Fire' and it comes with remixes from CJ Art, Arctic Night and Etnia. 

Matteo's original leads the package off with a tribally sounding groove and an overall big sound. Some very enchanting vocal elements weave their way in and out of the mix along with a granular sounding synth with some nice modulation. An acidic lead and a beefed up drum section gets dropped in for what is a huge energetic moment that carries through the entire track. Eerie atmospheric accents and a smooth breakdown round the track out quite nicely which turns out to be one of Matteo's biggest in a while. The first two remixes are provided by CJ Art who is making his 19th appearance on Mistique. The Polish producer has delivered two smashing versions of 'Greek Fire'. CJ's main mix comes with a big punchy kick, driving groove and a tough tribal tech framework that's perfect for peak time play. The clattering drums and spacey electronics are sure to produce some amazing dance floor moments and the vocal / atmospheric elements add just enough to satisfy a broad range of prog house Djs out there. CJ's intro mix comes with as you would expect a long intro which would be perfect for starting a main room set off with. Big sonic sounding synths crate a great atmosphere and when those drums drop in your dance floor is going to be heightened with anticipation. 2 great versions from CJ. The next remix is supplied by Arctic Night who is making his 22nd overall appearance on Mistique. The Russian producer and Elliptical Sun headman has just come off outstanding remixes for Wav-E and Paul Key's 'Hallows Of The Earth' and also Nafis & Midnight Star's 'Polar Night'. His remix for 'Greek Fire' hits the spot as well as it comes with smooth flowing atmospheres, nice synth lines and a bouncy groove that's perfect for the dance floor! The final remix on the package is provided by Etnia who is making his third appearance on Mistique here. The Ukranian producer has delivered an amazingly deep and atmospheric sounding mix. Rooted by a monstrous bass line with a killer pulsating tone and scattered sounding drums that work perfectly with the overall groove. The soulful vocal elements have been used masterfully by Etnia as they meld into the overall washed out atmospheric vibe of the track for a really cool vibe. A great package from Mistique and another huge original production from Matteo Monero.     RELEASE PROMO

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lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Matteo Monero @ Bloque Festival ( Kavala - GREECE )


// Already in its 2nd edition, 28 & 29 September 2012 at Factory live stage 

// Dousk // Deepfunk // Lank // Ben Coda // Ad Brown // Basil O'Glue // Sonic Union // Anthony Yarranton // Tash // Loquai // Matteo Monero // Nicodream // Ldj Jianni // Skinny // Greger // Okin // Christof Ds // Jorge Dept // Jorgio Kioris // Babis Del

Friends who created an audiovisual festival, meeting nice people from all over the world... Starting from the artists themselves who left us incredible experiences with their music, but even as human beings who thanks to them and all of those who helped the festival take place for a second year in a row, we can continue by inviting them every year to something that was built for us to remember.

tists from different nations and with different musical hearings based on electronic music, come together for 2 days in the small and beautiful city of Kavala, where Bloque festival was created and organized. 
In an effort to join visual arts with the music pursuing its constant recognition, spending time for its preparation, creating and seeking reasons to attract audiences but also learning to evolve continually. 

Bloque festival was created by Groove Element Group a year ago. 
Already on its second edition, with artists that we believe to be truly important and trust them to give us rare unfamiliar experiences to ensure its continuation watching closely the evolution of music and technology in general, without forgetting the tradition and the past, we try to achieve a unique content tha we can be proud of.
We are glad to be a part of it.

giovedì 6 settembre 2012

Anthony G - Spring Burst - Clinique Rec. Incl. Matteo Monero Remix

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Supported by : Fady Ferraye, Bobby Deep, dPen, Tomas Haverlik, Apsara,Fernando Ferreyra, Gerardo Boscarino,Miraculum and many more !!!

martedì 4 settembre 2012

Grube & Hovsepian (Armada, Coldharbour) played Matteo Monero - Greek Fire (Etnia Remix) - Mistique Music

Two heads are better than one - a maxim evidenced by the production and spinning union of Grube & Hovsepian. G&H came into being in 2008 when Florida-based producer Tim Grube reached out to LA-based Mike Hovsepian. Having heard SMG honcho Markus Schulz playing Mike’s tracks on his Global DJ Broadcast show, Tim had picked up on the Coldharbour-edged themes contained in his solo productions. Recogni
zing a like-mind, he suggested an east-to-west coast spanning production & spinning partnership – a challenge that Mike readily accepted.

Together, in an incredible short space of time, they’ve carved their musical mark, building up a formidable foundation discography. To date the duo have served up a proverbial sound-storm of club-rocking tracks for many respected labels. High Contrast, Arnej Music, Club Elite and (naturally enough) Coldharbour have shared the spoils of hard fired audio like ‘Invisible’, ‘Conviction’ and ‘Pressure’, as well as their Klauss Goulart collaboration ‘Territory’. Their club ordinance has found its way into an increasing high profile litany of DJs wallets - Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, and Gareth Emery being just some of regular deck supporters. Most recently the pair teamed up with fellow US producer Elevation for the rapaciously uplifting ‘City of Angels’ (due for release Q1 2012 thru Coldharbour Recordings).

The pair are no less versed in the turntable arts, with Tim originally having honed his behind-the-decks skills warming up for many world-class DJs in his native Washington D.C. area. On the other side of the country, Mike blazed a comparable trail in California and now collectively their progressive/trance, and electro tinged sets have brought EDM fans flocking in ever-greater numbers. With clubs like Red Circle in San Diego, LA’s Avalon and Electric Pickle in Miami already smashed, in March they’ll make their debut at the 2012 Winter Music Conference, playing the Coldharbour showcase at Dream.

Airwave played Matteo Monero - Greek Fire - Mistique Music

01.Alexander Dancaless Calling Your Name Dub Version
02.Michele Cecchi The Indi Garden
03.Miika Kuisma Trying My New Wings Jane Maximova Remix
04.Yura One Week In Sousse Snorkle Remix
05Oushanmete My Mind
06.Yanysh and Poison Pro Love Yo! James Harcourt Remix
07.XSector After The End
08.Joules Alexander & White Resonance Love It
09.Wonji In My Soul
10.Jon Sine Worn To Threads Ariel R Remix
11.ID ID
12.Oz Romita I Wanna Be Sexy For You Analog Effect Remix
13.Diego Alvez Frgt.10
14.Pedro Goya Rawlette
15.Weather Corporation Flite
16.Simone Girau Gioele Pablo Rez Remix
17.Gr-oy Animal Instinct
18.Peaceful Mind Red Clouds Zan Preveé Remix
19.Soundmodul, Moffous, Francesco Parla Harmonics Structure
20.Dimitry Liss Interstellar Frankie
21.Fab Code Soulfood Metodi Hristov Remix
22.Djk Butterfly Effect
23.Mindshield Great Moment
24.Kay-D Unforgettable Memories LoQuai Unforgettable Remix
25.Etnia Prometheus MSZ's Converged Remix
26.Stanisha & Javanny Eternity LoQuai's Infinity Remix
27.Paul Martinez And Fiddler Secret Zan Preveé Remix
28.Matteo Monero Greek Fire
29.MSZ Circulation
30.Pablo Gael Libelula Paduraru Proghouse Mix
31.Mindgamers Chasing The Sun Ecco Remix
32.M62 Extra Remix
33.ID ID
34.Subtara Darkness Into Space
35.ID ID


As an electronic music activist who’s been around for well over 15 years, Brussels resident Laurent Veronnez better known to you as Airwave needs no introduction. He’s been signed to the infamous Bonzai label since 1996 and is an active part of it at present Time.
A perpetual music student, constantly re-inventing himself and getting stronger everyday, are the words that can describe the man.  There’s a challenge everywhere for the 34 year old artist, who writes any genre of music, from classical to experimental, , with a whopping 200+ records already under his belt.
Responsible of a bunch of Progressive House and  Trance’s finest tracks during their glory days, the man’s discography is immense and breathtaking.  Played by the biggest DJ’s on this planet, I want to believe, Above the Sky, Alone in The Dark, When Things Go Wrong, Ladyblue, and many more under his 35 aliases and bands (Planisphere, Velvet Girl, The Green Martian, Lolo, Body Shock and many more), got him to expose his art to a worldwide community that very quickly invited him to get on the decks.  That’s how some of you got to see Airwave play at the biggest venues and events worldwide.  Twice in a row at Tomorrowland festival in his home country, also Dance Valley, Luminosity Beach in NL, a bunch of memorable events in Canada, United States, New Zealand and of course UK, where he was a regular at all major clubs back in the golden years. Slinky got him to play on Asian, Canadian Tours with great satisfaction.  Godskitchen saw him driving a complete dancefloor nuts several times.  Many more venues in the world remind him of memorable sets.
That is part of the history of Electronic music as we know it Today.  We could go on naming all the people he’s been collaborating with, including the likes of John 00 Fleming, Armin van Buuren, or those who got the Airwave treatment, such as Tiesto, Gabriel and Dresden, Art of Trance, Judge Jules, and many many more.  
As an active A&R of the recently created L*C*D recordings imprint, together with John 00 Fleming, the man’s now about to invade the whole scene with literally dozens of new records and remixes to begin with.  
October 2012 will see the release of another masterpiece album we’re so often used to get from the man.  A whopping 28-tracker, following his 4 previous artist albums (Believe, I want to Believe, Trilogique, Touareg) of the previous decade, is set to mark the new generation of electronic music enthusiasts all over the world.
Yet the man won’t stop here.  The reasons are simple.  Alongside with a bunch of buddies inside the industry, he’s now trying to set the focus back on quality electronic music of all kinds.  In those times of overkill offer in music, the fact some raise the bar and show the way is only a valuable effort for the whole community.  Airwave’s one of those people and stands for quality, in fact, he always has.  His Monthly Progrez Radio Show, that’s now been active  7 years is the evidence.
Yet another Challenge’s waiting for the man.  Bring this Quality music he gets sent everyday back into our clubs and back to our ears.  For your pleasure only.  So you can forget about the Generic stuff being thrown at your face all the time and focus on what YOU want.  One man, part of a whole community aiming at the same thing: set your ears free, again.
A unique musician, sharing his love for good taste and good vibes, and a world class DJ in the progressive and psychedelic genres. For your ears only.  Listening to Airwave’s music is an experience you can easily compare to the day you had your first candy: unique.  Any other superlative is worthless.  Hear the Man play it for you, and… you got only a vague idea of the state of mind you will get into.