lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Matteo Monero @ Bloque Festival ( Kavala - GREECE )


// Already in its 2nd edition, 28 & 29 September 2012 at Factory live stage 

// Dousk // Deepfunk // Lank // Ben Coda // Ad Brown // Basil O'Glue // Sonic Union // Anthony Yarranton // Tash // Loquai // Matteo Monero // Nicodream // Ldj Jianni // Skinny // Greger // Okin // Christof Ds // Jorge Dept // Jorgio Kioris // Babis Del

Friends who created an audiovisual festival, meeting nice people from all over the world... Starting from the artists themselves who left us incredible experiences with their music, but even as human beings who thanks to them and all of those who helped the festival take place for a second year in a row, we can continue by inviting them every year to something that was built for us to remember.

tists from different nations and with different musical hearings based on electronic music, come together for 2 days in the small and beautiful city of Kavala, where Bloque festival was created and organized. 
In an effort to join visual arts with the music pursuing its constant recognition, spending time for its preparation, creating and seeking reasons to attract audiences but also learning to evolve continually. 

Bloque festival was created by Groove Element Group a year ago. 
Already on its second edition, with artists that we believe to be truly important and trust them to give us rare unfamiliar experiences to ensure its continuation watching closely the evolution of music and technology in general, without forgetting the tradition and the past, we try to achieve a unique content tha we can be proud of.
We are glad to be a part of it.

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