mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

Matteo Monero - You Don't Fool me - Underground City Music OUT NOW !!!!

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K I N T A R! : Original is impressive! Full support for Matteo!
Markus Schultz : downloading thnks
Lemon8 : Really good. LoQuai & Original for me. Darkprog like I like it:)
Gerardo Boscarino : the whole ep is very nice
TOMAS HAVERLIK : Nice.. will download them all. thanx
Oliver Morgenroth : simon firth for me!
CJ Art : yet another great track from Matteo! Original is definitely my pick here, thank you:)
Nicholas Van Orton : Original and LoQuai are very good, thanks!
Dark SOul Project/ Ivan jaime : original for me
Kay-D : amazing EP!
Luke Porter : LoQuai remix is very good
Ozgur Ozkan : great pack, loquai and original 4me
Phonic Deep : Great Package Thanks.All tracks are great
Digital Department : i like original for groovy bass! and Loquai for intellectual sound
Fernando Ferreyra : Very Good Release, awsome original track and very good remixes, Loquai Remix for me
Deepsense : this package is amazing!!!!!! thank u.
Isaak Escamilla : Original and Loquai for me thanks
Chris Drifter : LoQuai Remix for me, very nice...
Hypnotic Duo : LoQuai remix very nice! also Original is very good ;)
Ivan Nikusev : original and loquai remix
Michael & Levan : LoQuai!!!
Athan : Original & Loquai rmx for me,thx
Gabriel Marchisio : download thanks
RICH CURTIS : Can't fault the original! Nice quality production. LoQuai is my pick
NICOLAS CORONEL : Good release, i like original and Loquai remix. Thanks!
tim benjamin : original and loquai remix for me, thanks
Gai Barone : Loquai remix for me thanks!
Moti Brothers : Thank you! original track favorite!
Eugene Balul : Nice release. LoQuai is the favorite
Andrey Buhgamer : Thanks for Loquai
Andrey Mikhailov : Like all remixex, amzing release! Original - the best :)
Mike Indigo : Original and Simon Firth Remix is Wicked, Well Done Matteo and Simon... Chunky Fuckers remix however ruins it for me.
Dubfire : Downloading For DubFire
Orelse : Quality tracks in this one. Loquai mix is awesome. Will support
Enrique Echd : original and loquai for me
ORCUN UNER : nice pack loquai remix for me
Deersky : Loquai & Original mix for me ..great package!
Dudu Nahas : LoQuai remix great track!
AquAdro : Original and LoQuai remix for us!!!Thanks
Kaiser Gayser : Good E.P. !!! Every track has something special !!! Like it very much !!!
Kahraman : Loquai & Simon Firth works ok
Hassan Rassmy : Great Pack, Original & Loquai Remix for me. Thanks.
Suffused : LoQuai remix! Thanks
Deep In Calm : LoQuai is nice.
Emanuel Phaz : LoQuai Remix for me! Nice stuff!
Sasha Le Monnier [C.O.U. Muzik] : Thanks, downloading. :)
Dualvision : overall good pack! nice sounds here. Thanks!
Alfoa : dowloading.....Loquai nice work

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