giovedì 24 novembre 2011

Franzis-D - Purgatory - DeepSession Rec. Incl. Matteo Monero Remix

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Franzis then went on to remix Ivan Nikusev, Boral Kibil, Oleg Nych and Roy Malakian for the label over the last several months. For Deepsessions 157th overall release we see Franzis returning for his second single for the label entitled 'Purgatory' which comes with remixes form: CJ Art, Matteo Monero, Ejective, Aquadro and Fran Von Vie. Franzis' original piece is not for the faint of heart, very dark overtones and a sinister, moody vibe. The tough kick, metallic drums and dark electronics set a serious tone early. This leads to the introduction of a very mysterious and soulful sounding vocal pad lead. It's extremely unique and very captivating, a very string original idea from Franzis. The overall atmosphere of the track is very surreal, those dark sounds seem to work amazing well underneath that heavenly vocal pad, such a wicked contrast. Great original from Franzis.

CJ Art provides the first remix and he's stepped the energy levels up quite a few notches. A DJ friendly intro draped with the lead brings us to the introduction of CJ's much loved tough percussive groove. Gated vocal pads bring on the breakdown where the lead theme drops in for a brief interlude before the tough beats come slamming back in for maximum dance floor effect. The track finishes with a hard as nails feel that should rock most underground floors with ease.

Italy's Matteo Monero provides a nice stripped down approach with lovely intricate design and an extremely smooth flowing groove while Ejective opts for a tougher percussive groove that full of sharp electronics and really interesting beat patterns. The sound tracky appeal of that vocal pad is undeniable and it's what makes this package quite unique. Ejective has added some wonderful melodic elements and really expanded on the idea brilliantly

There is a heavy Italian producer presence on this package with AquAdro and Fran Von Vie closing the package out. Aquadro always come up with something profound and interesting on their productions and their 'Purgatory' remix fits that once again. A wicked, drummy groove with really fresh sounds lays down the framework and what transpires is an epic nine minute journey where a variety of cool wispy atmospheric ideas are introduced along with a killer hypnotic line that brings with it a cool, spacey vibe. Really cool stuff from Aquadro. Fran Von Vie has been one of most highly touted new producers this year with routine support coming in from Sasha on many of his productions. Fran's polished, modern sounding production is on fine display here as once again he crafts an epic journey for the ages. A slow builder that focuses on the subtleties and intricately designed sounds. It's builds energy amazing well and just grows and grows as the hypnotic feel becomes more and more momentous! Amazing stuff from Fran and a huge release this week from Deepsessions!
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